Monday, December 6, 2010

Snack Master of the Universe

I'm a pretty awesome girlfriend. It's true. I love baseball and football. I don't like shopping or most romantic comedies. I'm handy with a drill and don't take very long to get ready, and yet I clean up pretty well, I'm extremely affectionate, and I almost always have a homemade baked good in my kitchen. My boyfriend's birthday just passed, and I took him to the Oyster House for lunch and spent a few hours playing skee-ball and shooting baskets at Dave and Buster's. Best. Girlfriend. Ever. Ken's a lucky guy.
But I'm an even luckier girl. I found a dude that will not only cook for me, but loves to cook. And loves to play around in the kitchen like a mad scientist, in a never-ending attempt to create the most powerful snack the world has ever known. And because I'm eating vegan these days, he's taken on the challenge of creating tasty, healthy and well-rounded snacks without animal products. Swoon.
He created this dish a week or so ago. I wish I could give you the recipe, but I usually don't even understand what kind of magic he uses to make his snacks so tasty. These are the basic ingredients: Organic sweet potatoes, rainbow chard, and vegan sausage from the Renaissance Sausage truck. Maybe some vinegar? Probably some onions. All I know is, it was like heaven in my mouth and I didn't want it to end. If he ever recreates the dish, I'll be sure to pass a recipe along. Till then, we'll all just have to drool at these pictures.
In related news for Philly readers, the sausage truck is starting a winter CSA and selling their sausage by the pound. Their vegan sausage is the best I've EVER had, and though I can't speak for the rest myself, Ken loves their chicken sausage. (Oh, and the boys that run the truck are super nice and really cute. But don't tell my awesome boyfriend I said that...)
There will be pick-ups at 3 different locations, one in the city at Pumpkin Market, and two outside the city. For an official order form you can e-mail them at The deadline for this month's order is tomorrow, Tuesday December 7th. It's the perfect gift for that sausage lover on your list. And let's be honest, we've all got a sausage lover on our list...

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