Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet Swallows is born

I grew up watching my grandma bake, begging her to let me help. My favorite task was sifting confectioner's sugar over her famous nut log cookies at Christmas time. Of course, sneaking those cookies out of the freezer before Christmas was fun too. As I grew older, my grandma didn't bake as much, and neither did I. I'd dabble with cookies, cupcakes or brownies for special occasions, but those times were few and far between. 

But somewhere between unemployment and having a kitchen I didn't need to share with others, my like of baking developed into a deep and passionate love. I began baking just to bake; for the love of the act itself. Specifically, I found that I really love making pies. There's something about making the pastry, rolling it out and crimping it into the pan that relaxes me like nothing else. And I found that not only did I enjoy the actions, but others enjoyed the results. And so the appeal is two-fold. Not only do I love the process of building a beautiful, fresh baked good, but I like watching other people enjoy the fruits of my labor. 

Mixed Berry Pie

I thought it only natural that since modern technology allows everyone to share their thoughts on everything, I'd try my hand at documenting my burgeoning love with baking. Thanks for joining me on my ride...