Friday, December 3, 2010

Better Butter update: America, get excited!

Remember a few weeks ago I talked about my love affair with a local Philadelphia peanut butter company, Better Butter? Many of you outside Philly asked how you could get your hands on some, and at the time it wasn't possible. 
But now all of your Christmas wishes have come true, because starting this week Better Butter launched a shiny new website equipped with online ordering! Suffer no longer my long-distance friends. You too can have delicious low-calorie and low-fat peanut butter in your bellies! 

And for the holiday season, a variety pack of 4 oz jars is available in all 3 flavors. Obviously a wonderful gift for that nut butter lover in your life. Or if you're that lover, add it to your wishlist. Screw the scarf under the tree, and make sure you ask for some Better Butter!

To order, just head over to the website. All the details are there! Happy NOMing!

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