Thursday, July 15, 2010

There is Nothing More Adorable Than Mini Donuts

We interrupt Pies in July to bring you this very special message:

A few weeks ago I bought a mini donut pan, because... well, why not?? Then I tried to find some vegan donut recipes, and there aren't many to choose from. 

I tried to make some chocolate cake donuts, and I wasn't too impressed. 
Then I found this recipe on Vegan Yum Yum for not-chocolate cake donuts. It was repeated on several other blogs and declared as being supremely delicious. That's always a good sign. 
I may have put too many sprinkles on them. But is that ever really a problem?

The real problem was getting them out of the house before I ate them all. A few made it out alive. 
On a completely unrelated note, Yes, my nails are teal blue. It's called Mermaid to Order. So sue me. Let's get back to donuts. 
They're pretty tasty. Light, moist, and with a little spice, almost like an apple cider donut. Not my favorite donut, but a pretty good place to start. Once I perfect a vegan chocolate cake donut, I'll report back here immediately. Until then, these will do. 
And I mean, really, look how freakin' adorable they are. MINI DONUTS. With Sprinkles. 
For once, I followed a recipe EXACTLY, so just go to Vegan Yum Yum and do what she did. She was pretty thorough in her instructions. Then try not to eat them all. 


  1. oh. my. god! can you bring me some???? pleaseeee i'll bring you something too!

  2. These are the most yummy, most adorable, most make-your-crappy-day-better-instantly mini-donuts ever.

    And they do not have too many sprinkles.

    PRFM slam dunk, lady. DO IT.

  3. ohhh yuuum!! those look so good!

    Also, my nails are "sprint mint" right now.. yay for brightly coloured nails