Sunday, May 9, 2010

The One Where I Wish My Mom a Happy Mother's Day

My mom and I, circa 1983
I couldn't get home to Scranton this weekend, so I'm gonna use this space to wish my mom and grandma a Happy Mother's Day (even though they're not exactly social media mavens, and will probably never see this)!

Like most of the world, the older I get, the more I appreciate everything Mom and Grandma did for me. They're kinda awesome.
Mom, pregnant with me and ready to pop, 1982

Mom, thanks for always helping me move. And for getting me those Reebok Pumps back in 4th grade, even though they were really expensive, and you were a single mom. And for paying for all those dance lessons. And for all those late-night calls from work to sing "I just called to say I love you," and tell me goodnight. And for showing me how to take care of myself, and be independent, and balance a checkbook. And for dealing with me as a bratty kid, and an even moodier teenager (SHEESH... sorry about all that!). And, ya know, for popping me out in the first place. THANKS. Love you!

My Grandmother and Grandfather

My Grandmother holding my mother

Grandma, for all the time you spent raising me, and brushing my hair and wiping my butt and getting me dressed, you're really like a second mom. Thanks for letting me dust the nut log cookies with powdered sugar (I loved that sifter!). And thanks for instilling a love of baking in me, even though it didn't manifest until years later. And for all the hugs and kisses. And for encouraging my dancing and singing. And for waking me up with silly songs. And for making up silly songs on the spot for any random thing you were doing. And for reading to me, and making up stories to put me to sleep. And for giving me a love of old movie musicals and Patsy Cline. And for putting up with me as a bratty kid, and moody teenager. (Seriously, HOW did you guys put up with me? SORRY!) And for all the other ways you've taken care of me in the last 27 years, THANKS. I love you lots!
Grandma D, Great Grandma B, Me
Grandma B and Me. 

And Great-Grandma B, I miss you every day. You were the sweetest, most loving Grandma any little girl could ask for. Thanks for all the cake. And all the unconditional love. And for all those $20s you slipped me when Grandpa B wasn't looking that helped me eat in college. I hope I make you proud.

And to all the other baby's mommas and baby's mommas mommas out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

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