Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Official Philadelphia Picnicing Club

Ok, kids. There's lots to talk about today. This past week was quite a week, filled with all kinds of crappiness, culminating in me almost burning the house down on Saturday while trying to make popcorn on the stove. 
Grease fires are pretty scary. Thankfully, we have an extinguisher. Did you know that the stuff inside a fire extinguisher gets EVERYWHERE? I've been cleaning for 2 days now, and the chemical is still all over the place. It got all over everything in my kitchen, and managed to travel down the hallway and coat some of the things in my living room too. SHEESH! 
But a couple of things made this weekend bearable. One, it was summertime-beautiful in Philly (and hit 90 degrees, YOWZA!). Two, after a crushing loss on Friday, the Phillies came back to win the series versus the Mets, stomp on their souls, and take first place back in the division. And three, the inaugural meeting of the Philadelphia Picnicing Club took place Sunday afternoon. We need to talk about this.
A few days ago a friend of mine got the great idea to start a Picnicing Club. It's a pretty simple idea. Everyone brings a blanket and a snack to share, we pick a spot at one of the many parks in Philadelphia, and we have a picnic! 
For the first meeting, we chose the park next to Old Swedes Church at Delaware and Christian St. This spot turned out to be the perfect location. Despite the 90 degree temps, the tree-filled park was shaded, breezy and kept us nice and cool while we snacked. 
The founding members of the club were all in attendance: Bonnie*, the mastermind; Princess Nutella Kitten*, the treasurer; me, Drew*, the secretary; Lola*, vice president of foreign relations and Lola's dog Stella, who quickly became our club mascot. 
*In a fit of silliness today I decided to refer to all current members of the Picnicing Club by super-secret codenames. Also, all officer titles were just made up by me right now, and have no validity.*
Things started a bit rocky. I was about an hour late due to the aforementioned kitchen disaster that had me cleaning most of the morning. It also meant I had none of the cookies I planned to make. I grabbed some broccoli slaw that I made pre-disaster, some utensils and some cups and was on my way. It was a good thing I brought some forks, because no one else had and they were digging Nutella out of the jar with hunks of bread when I arrived. (Though who am I to judge? Desperate times call for desperate measures...) 
We also had a bottle of Prosecco for mimosas, but no bottle opener. Bonnie's huz Clyde* showed up and tried several methods to get the cap off: a lighter, a key, a brick, but all he got out of the deal was a bloody finger. We even asked a passing stranger, but to no luck. Eventually Bonnie caved and ran home to get an opener. And with all that anticipation, they were obviously the BEST mimosas we'd ever tasted. 
The spread was pretty delicious too. There was some uber-garlic white bean dip, a corn and edamame salad, carrot and ginger dressing, California dates, Mediterranean-style wraps (some with turkey, and others without), and of course, Nutella, bread, and strawberries. 
There was also a princess bouncy castle set up. Unfortunately, none of us took advantage of it before the kid's birthday party started. Totally dropped the ball on that one.  
We had some other friends stop by briefly to snack. Hopefully next time, they'll become official members of the club. They have the perfect picnicing blanket that we all envied. 
All in all, the first official meeting of the Philadelphia Picnicing Club was a rousing success. We're already planning our next outing, and doing official things like making lists and gathering basic supplies (bottle opener, TOP OF THE LIST). 
We're currently accepting new members. To join you need to: 
  1. Like food
  2. Like booze
  3. Like eating food and drinking booze outside on a blanket
  4. Be in or able to travel to, Philadelphia PA
Seriously though, if you're interested in joining us next time (and who wouldn't?!), leave a comment or drop an e-mail to sweetswallowsbaking (at) gmail (dot) com. We'll add you to the list. 


  1. That photo of me trying to pry open then proseco and the dude with his dog pointing and laughing is hilarious.

    Also, can we talk about how GREEN these photos are? Mmmmm, summertime.

  2. I'm making the the photo of me with the OJ container my official "FTW" photo. Does someone have time today to BLINGEE that photo for me? K Thanks.

  3. okeh, I did it myself: http://bln.gs/b/1u6lj8

  4. I heart youse guys. Srsly. times a million!

  5. OMG, Timmy Fagan! You should totally join us!!

  6. oh man. that sounds awesome. i live in jersey so im not far! if im free id like to come!

  7. We need another Picnicing Club meeting soon. I feel the need to blingee some photos