Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day at the Zoo Brownies

If you follow along at home, you'll know that there were Brownie giveaways galore this week. I donated some brownies for ZWR's Great Brownie Scholarship, and then decided I'd give away ANIMAL SHAPED brownies to 2 of you lucky readers. (As you'll see from the pictures below, animal shaped brownies are a great idea, but difficult to execute on brownies with a crunchy/flaky top. Hopefully what they lack in looks they make up for in DELICIOUSNESS.)
ZWR announced his winner yesterday, and today I sent out some appropriately themed brownies for the lucky winner, and a seperate 'thank you' package for some donkey that runs the show over there. Hope you guys enjoy your Blanton BUTTERED brownies. (The weird blobby thing is supposed to be a Penguin wearing a hat. I noes, right? A for effort.)
I bet you're wondering if you won the FREE ANIMAL BROWNIE contest over here. 

The lucky winners are: Brianne from Iron Chef Mommy and The nosh guy from Food Rulez. I used to pick the winners, but I'm not computer savvy enough to know how to do a screen capture on my Mac. (It makes me feel really old when I can't figure out how to do things on my computer... :::sigh:::). So you'll just have to believe me. 
Since the nosh guy lives in Philly, I dropped off his doggy brownie tonight. He just might post about it on his site later, so check it out!
Brie, yours is in the mail. I made a seahorse shaped one for your little lady. Hopefully it still looks like a seahorse when you get it!
I'll be talking more about brownies in the near future. Pinky Swear. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! Keep checking back, as I hope to have more soon!


  1. ... the nosh guy loved the doggie brownie! so damn good!!! thanks so much!!!!

  2. Yay! She will love it! Thanks Colleen :) I'm sure it's delicious!

  3. The Blanton Brownies were so amazing that Martin requested that I take them away from him so that he didn't eat them all in one sitting. SO BUTTERED!

  4. The picture of Joe Blanton that accompanies the BUTTERED animation makes me laugh so hard

    Also, i think they look great. Brownies are tough. They have the crackly texture. You don't want them to be too cakey because then they are just rich chocolate cake. How to balance the interests? Maybe a light icing base might help?

    Anyhow, I want to eat everything in this post, and I'm not even a brownie person.

    ZOMG, can we put ICE CREAM on these??????

  5. Nicole, absolutely, assuming they come from that ice cream maker you were talking about. and as long as the ice cream is dairy-free so I can eat it.
    Also, I totally thought of you two ladies when I was putting the happy little lion on the brownie. I thought to myself "Nicole and Sarah would approve of this"

  6. THIS IS SO SWEET! I was just musing about shapes of food... I think you'd like my most recent post.
    you're so creative and artistic