Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look what I made!

Guys, I've gotta be honest. This week's been a total bitch so far. And I just can't seem to get it together. And one quick look at what my friends are saying via the major social media outlets tells me that almost everyone I know is also having a crap week. It makes me wonder, is this what life is like in a post-Lost world? (Cue creepy trombones). 
If I could get it together, I've got lots of stuff to tell you about: a pilgrimage to Vegan Treats, another edition of Snackin' in Scranton, and a mango jam/filling I made that's all-caps DELICIOUS. 
But this took up three days of my time, and almost sent me over the edge. Remember that cake decorating class I talked about back in February and March? I had to make a tiered cake for the course I'm in now. So please, so that I don't feel like I wasted almost 3 whole days of my life, take a gander. I need to feel that my time was not spent in vain. 
The top tier is a vegan mango cake, the bottom tier is a vegan lime cake. Both tiers were filled with that mango jam I mentioned, and covered in vegan lime buttercream, then a homemade marshmallow fondant (which was not vegan; I need to research vegan cake decorating). The leaves are made out of fondant. 
It's not quite how I imagined it. There were supposed to be far less leaves, and they were supposed to be concentrated on one side of the cake, cascading down. But it was hot in my apartment, and I had some problems with too-thin buttercream, and covering the bottom tier, and the fondant tore off in big chunks on the sides. So I used the fondant leaves to cover all the holes and imperfections. The pictures make it look much nicer than it does in person. But I'm glad I finally finished it.
I swear, once I pull it together, you'll hear more about Vegan Treats and the like. Until then, I've got a pint of Coconut Sorbet and a bottle of rum with my name on it. Toodles!


  1. make my wedding cake : )

  2. WOW!! That cake looks awesome. I'm definitely NOT vegan and that sounds delicious! I might have to hire you for a 3rd birthday cake :)

  3. Great job Colleen! Homemade MMF is a BITCH to work with, especially on warm or humid days. It looks great though! <3

  4. I love it! And it LOOKS delicious!

  5. Beautiful!! And it sounds delicious. Way to go!

  6. colleen this is AWESOME!!! seriously, let's get together and bake! i love working with fondant. i am meticulous and just a wee bit OCD! haha. my house is hot too, it will never work in the heat ugh. but seriously, this looks fantastic. ya knowwww, my birthday is comin up in a few weeks...just sayin'

  7. Alison, I'm telling you, cupcake happy hour needs to happen :)

    Lucy, I thought about calling you mid-disaster. I'm glad to know it wasn't just me having problems :)