Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Worst Cupcake Ever

Why can't I learn my lesson? It's my fault. Everytime I see that Whole Foods has a new vegan dessert option in their bakery, I give it a try. And every time, it's terrible. And not that "kinda gross but I'll still eat it" supermarket bakery terrible. We're talking "took a bite and threw the rest away" terrible.

I saw that the Whole Foods on South Street had a really cute new gourmet cupcake display. One side was all standard, and one side was all vegan, with options like cookies and cream, gingerbread and lemon, vanilla and raspberry, and a few others. They looked pretty cute. They were $1.99 each. I thought I'd give one a try. I picked up the Cookies and Creme.
I think terrible might be going easy on this cupcake. The cake was so dry it crumbled when I thought about picking off a piece. I didn't really taste any chocolate. And the frosting? It was salty. SALTY! I was craving cookies and cream and got a mouth filled with salt. I didn't have a drink on me, and the taste lingered for a half an hour. Worst. Cupcake. EVER.
Whole Foods, please, PLEASE stop making vegan desserts until you learn how to make them well. You're giving vegan sweets a bad name. Or, y'know, feel free to hire me or buy my cupcakes instead. But for the love of all things delicious, stop putting out the crap you're currently selling.

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