Monday, September 27, 2010

Voting is open for Challenge 2 of Project Food Blog

Voting is now open for Round 2 of Foodbuzz's Project Food Blog. You can find my entry here. I'd appreciate it ever so much if you'd vote for me again! The process is the same as last time, so if you voted last week you're all set up to vote again. If you haven't voted yet, you will need to sign up for Foodbuzz in order to vote, but I promise it's quick and painless. Here's the link for voting. Thanks again!

For all of you awesome Featured Publishers that are stopping by, please make sure you leave a comment so that I can return the favor! Also, I like meeting new foodies. Let's be friends.

Voting ends on Thursday, September 30 at 6pm, so don't wait! And make sure you check back in a day or two for a super double secret, super double awesome giveaway...


  1. Hi,

    okay I voted and that plate looks beautiful and delicious!

    stay in touch....