Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kitties and Flea Markets

Exciting things are happening around here. The temperature's gone down, so baking is a very real possibility again. Which is good, because my summer schedule is really filling up with baking orders for which I need to start trying new recipes. I'll be making a lot (13 dozen!) of muffins for a scooter rally on the 4th of July, and I've got some savory corn muffins I'm planning to try. Oh, and did I mention I'm making the desserts for my friends' wedding? Don't worry, you'll be hearing more about both of these soon. 
I'm also doing the Punk Rock Flea Market again! The summer version is happening this July, and unlike the Christmas one, I'm starting to plan way in advance. I'm thinking about what I should make, and I've got lots of ideas. Cookies are always a big seller, and my chocolate peanut butter cups went really fast at Christmas. I'm also thinking about homemade pop tarts and pocket pies. Cupcakes and brownies. Lots of ideas swimming around my noggin' right now. 
And while I'm brainstorming and preparing signs and packaging and business cards, I thought I'd give you guys a chance to put in your two cents. So, what do you guys think I should sell at the market? Or, more importantly, what do you guys want to buy from me? I'm interested to know!
But the most exciting news of all? I finally broke Ken down, and there's a very real possibility that we'll be giving a kitty a forever home by the end of the week! I've been looking on the PAWS website at all of the sweet little cats that need a good home, and I want them all. I'll have to settle with one (for now), but I'm still really happy about it (this little guy in particular seems to be calling my name). 

I'll keep you posted on the new addition to the fambly! And while you're waiting for that, leave me a comment with your flea market goodie suggestion!


  1. 1) Whatever you make, I will surely come buy. And possibly/probably/definitely another one of Carolyn's adorable knit hats.

    1.5) "Pocket pies"?!?! Yes. A thousand times over.

    2) The "forever homes" tag on this post just melted my heart into a puddle on the floor.

    3) Domino the kitteh is amazing. I particularly like his tuxedo jacket. Yay for kitties! PETS FOR EVERYONE!!!

  2. Can we name the kitty "pocket-pie"?

  3. AHHHHHHH im doing prfm too!
    im so nervous i have no idea what the hell i am doing! im in way over my head

  4. Those cookies look amazing!

  5. Awww, kitty might be even cuter than your food! (Which I probly still wont get to eat... boo!) Plus if u get him you'll have someone to 'help' you in the kitchen haha.