Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Always Sunny is IN South Philly!

Guys, I'm a little distracted. There's baking to tell you about, and zany vegan marshmallow mis-adventures. But I can't stay focused, because It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is filming 2 blocks from my apartment. That's not an exaggeration, 2 BLOCKS. 
So I've been stalking watching Danny Devito and Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton do their thing (otherwise known as Frank, Mac, Charlie and Dennis). And Jason Sudeikis is on set too (from Saturday Night Live), making a guest appearance. And so forgive me if I'm not thinking of baking today because my favorite show is filming in my hood. I'll be back to baking and blogging about it soon. 
Danny and Charlie came over to say hi, and sign some autographs for the kids. They're pretty rad. It's also totally clear to me now why Danny Devito is so saucy with the ladies- He's totally at eye level with most chick's boobs. Srsly. 

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