Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fail Whales

I don't want to fool you guys into thinking that everything I make is delicious and pretty and picture perfect. There's been a lot of FAILS and EPIC FAILS going on around here lately. I'm gonna blame a tank top I've been wearing that's covered in whales. Or, as my friend Sean pointed out, maybe they're fail whales

There was the Pate Brisee/Pocket Pie FAIL two weeks ago for which I still haven't completely redeemed myself.
There was my first attempt at a lime cake with a mango curd. Probably the grossest FAIL yet.
There were those Strawberry Rhubarb muffins that just didn't live up to their expectations. (Don't worry, I've perfected the recipe since then!)
There was that time I tried to melt chocolate in a glass bowl that was not heat-safe. Ruined the ganache and lost a bowl. EPIC FAIL.
Two weeks ago there was the Great Vegan Marshmallow Disaster of 2010. And while I was home in Scranton this past weekend I made some bland-as-can-be corn muffins, and flat cupcakes with soupy buttercream. Big frazzled FAIL. And I can't even show you pictures of those because the biggest fail of all was leaving my camera at a friend's house last week and not getting it back yet. [Insert huge, full-body sigh here.]

No camera means I also can't show you any of the ups: the whoopie pies or the grapefruit shortbread cookies or the BEST VEGAN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES IN THE WORLD. Sorry to get all shouty about them, but really, they're that good. You'll hear about them soon. Until then, I've got all those muffins to make for Sunday. So go have some blueberries and coconut sorbet, maybe take a little nap, and I'll meet you back here in a few days. Take a lesson from this little lady; she knows how to spend her time wisely. 

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  1. Grapefruit shortbread....NEED RECIPE!!! <3