Friday, April 2, 2010

Sugar Flowers and SUNSHINE

Oh hey guys. What's up? It's really warm and beautiful outside, and I've got the attention span of a gnat today. So I'm gonna keep this reeeeeaaaaaal short. 
Remember how I mentioned I was taking a cake decorating class? Well, I'm currently in course 2 and spent this morning making lots of sugar flowers. And later today I'll be at Citizen's Bank Park taking pictures of Phillies fans and watching pre-season baseball (and maybe see if I can convince Roy Halladay to go to the zoo with me too). Opening Day is so close I can taste it, and this excites me greatly. And at some point today, I've gotta make some Casbah Cupcakes to take home for Easter. So, all in all, not a bad little friday. 
And, like a first grader, I wanna show you what I made in class! (Notice that some of the handiwork seems about on par with a 6 year old... but I'm learning!)
We made some daffodils. Which were pretty difficult.
And some pansies. (Though don't call them pansies to their face. They don't take too kindly to it...)
and some shy little violets...
and some pretty little primroses...
and some daisies. Which are my favorite flowers in real life. But not my favorite to make out of sugar. Don't laugh, I'm working on it!
And of course, Victorian Roses. 

Now, Philadelphians and other northeasterners, GET OUTSIDE! And enjoy this beautiful holiday weekend!! And if you're anything like me, make sure you hunt for eggs with some kids, then eat too many peanut butter eggs and roasted asparagus and take a nap. You'll be glad you did. 


  1. Thanks! Since I can't garden at my apartment, i figure the least I can do is make some sugar flowers. :)