Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Day Easter Weekend-stravaganza!

Dudes and dudettes, I feel like I'm failing you today. I was getting better at posting regularly and was trying to make Mondays a posting day. Cuz, y'know, mondays can be rough. But pretty cakes and sexy food porn can help you get through those tough times. And I do this for you, for the huddled masses who stare at computer screens all day and like to take breaks by staring at delicious pictures.

But I have none of those for you today. Because I'm still in Scranton, and though I was smart enough to bring my computer home, I was not smart enough to bring the power cord for the laptop, or the USB connector for my camera. And so I'm stuck using the family computer. That has no pretty pictures of the pies and cupcakes I made. I'm sorry. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

However, I am not sorry that I came to Scranton for the holiday and had the best extended weekend EVER. Sunshine. Lots of Sunshine. And peanut butter eggs. And cuddly puppies sleeping in the crook of my arm. And leaning towers of lemon cake. And crazy, loud, adorably loving adopted italian families. And barbequing with real family. And Grandmas complimenting cupcakes (the Casbah cupcakes are officially Grandma-approved!). And karaoke every night (this is not hyperbole. 3 nights in a row of karaoke). And water ice with the kids. And of course, baseball.



Opening Day. And an 11-1 Phillies win. And watching the Phillies win on a sunny Opening Day with my awesome Scranton friends. And talking about baseball with my 95-year-old great grandpa. Seriously, a really great weekend. How could it get better?

I'll tell you how. VEGAN FOOD. From Eden, in downtown Scranton. I'm extending my trip to Tuesday just so I can get some yummy yummy food from there before I hit the turnpike and head back to Philly tomorrow. Because their food is that good. I dream about their coleslaw sometimes. NO LIE.

I really hope your holiday weekend was just as wonderful. What was the best part of the weekend for you?

And because I feel terrible not posting any pictures, here's a little something from the most excellent blog, 'I want to go the the Zoo with Roy Halladay', which is probably my favorite new way to waste time.

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