Monday, April 19, 2010

Bake Sale Recap

When you have a bake sale where the proceeds go towards ending childhood hunger, everybody wins (especially the children). And when Philadelphia food bloggers donate the goodies, the results are quite delicious. You might remember I mentioned last week that I was participating in the Great American Bake Sale- Philly food blogger edition. Last I heard we raised over $800 for Share Our Strength. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and bought some snacks!
I met some very cool ladies and gents with great blogs and yummy treats. Despite the chilly temps and the hurricane-force winds (that may be hyperbole) that kept knocking cupcakes around, we had a lot of fun!
What were the most popular treats? The pretzels and the cupcakes with booze in them. This is Philadelphia after all. Alison's margarita cupcakes were the first to go, and my Carbomb's didn't last much longer. I didn't get to try the margaritas, so I think I'll have to set up some kind of swap with Alison. Cupcake Happy Hour? Possibly the greatest idea EVER. 
Stephan's pretzels were a huge hit too. Homemade sesame seed soft pretzels? YES PLEASE.  They were the first thing I put in my belly. I kept drooling over Baker E's whoopie pies and Elvis cake (but with all the dairy, my guts said 'please don't do that to us!' and I listened. *mope*), and snacked some Snickerdoodles and a whole-grain Apple Pie Pocket. For a full list of all the bloggers and their snacks, check out Julie's post at  Running Reckless. Here's a peek at some of the goods. 
Julie organized the event and did a great job. I was most impressed with the stands, containers and decorations she brought to set everything up. The table looked amazing! 
Julie also was sweet enough to hang on to my camera for me after I left it behind. Thanks for giving that tale of woe a happy ending, Julie!
So, moral of the story is bake sale = great success. And now I've got a ton of other local blogs to check out. I'll be adding them to my blogroll soon. 
Know of any other bake sales happening? I think I've caught a fever...


  1. You should throw some!

    I had one of those pretzels too, it was awesome!

  2. it was so nice to meet you as well!!! i agree, if you find about any other bake sales, please post about them, i definitely think i caught the fever too, saturday was so much fun :)

    ps... love your blog!

  3. i would love to do another bake sale. let me know if you hear of anything!

  4. thanks guys! I did see something about a worldwide vegan bakesale happening soon, but haven't been able to find any in Philly yet. If I hear anything, I'll let you know!
    Otherwise, I'm thinking about popping up a table in front of my house and having a bake sale to raise money to put more booze in my belly. I don't know if it will get the same response...

  5. thanks for the love!! so great to meet you, and yes, cupcake happy hour is DEFINITELY in order!! i love your thinking.

  6. Since sadly I couldn't TASTE any of your goodies I can only comment on how freakin' CUTE they all are!