Saturday, August 28, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Guys, what happened to August? Is September really next week? I feel like I feel into a black whole of baking and lost an entire month. Sheesh! 

Oh well. I've been looking forward to sweaters and pumpkins and apples since those heat waves in July, so perhaps it's for the best. Chilly air means more pies are in my future, and that means your future's looking good too. 
I haven't given you guys a recipe for ahwile. I have a recipe for vegan rice pudding that I want to share with you. But I'm having some technical difficulties uploading photos. This is probably a good time to show you some of the things I've been doing to keep me so busy this month. Let's start with the filming I did with It's a Cupcake for Unique Eats
Mona from It's a Cupcake does savory cupcakes. With things like chicken and salmon. I know, it sounds weird. But people love them. She's got some vegetarian ones with hummus and the like. Hopefully I'll work with her to develop a vegan savory base so that vegans won't be left out of the world of savory cupcakes. If that's the kind of thing you think you'd be into. 
Unique Eats came to showcase her savory cupcakes. I made some vegan sweet cupcakes that got a minute or two in the spotlight. I think my hands might have made a cameo while sprinkling the mango cupcakes! Hollywood, look out...
On the vegan menu: Mango Madness Cupcake- Mango cupcake with homemade mango jam filling and a lime buttercream. 
Also vegan: Chocolate Cherry Cupcake- Chocolate cupcake infused with Monk's Blend tea, filled with cherry syrup and topped with vanilla buttercream and a cherry. 
My dear friend and former roommate Abbie dropped off some paintings for the walls. Stellar stuff. Especially if you're into robots and ninjas. (And honestly, if you're not into those things, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.)
Thankfully the production crew were really nice. The space is small, and their stuff was big, so we were in close quarters. It was really fun watching how shows like Unique Eats are made. Also, with their ridiculously expensive cameras, everything looks beautiful. Even the saddest looking cupcake looks like a starlet on their monitors. 
They said the show should be airing in November or December. You know I'll be sure to keep you updated on the air date. And till then, stop by Unitea in the University City area of Philadelphia (on S 44th St near Spruce), to try some of It's a Cupcake's offerings. You may also find some of my delicious vegan treats on the menu!

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