Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick! Get Your 15 Minutes of Fame!

Do live or work in Philadelphia? Are you free around Noon this Thursday, August 19th? Then I know exactly what you should be doing. You should come to Unitea in University City. Why? Because Unique Eats, a show on the new Cooking Channel, will be filming a segment on Mona from It's A Cupcake and her savory cupcakes that day. Mona asked me to help out, so I'll be there, baking, getting filmed, and hopefully becoming famous. And you should TOTALLY jump on this train now. Just sayin'. 
It's A Cupcake just started working with Unitea, and will soon have cupcakes available everyday. On Thursday, we will be giving away free cupcakes to the first 100 people that stop by. Unitea also has one of the most amazing tea selections I've ever seen, and the owner Kashif really knows how to brew it up! Come on your lunch break, get a cupcake, and tell the Cooking Channel how amazing you think it is. Make your Grandma and Aunt Betty proud when they see your shining, frosting covered face on their TV sets. 

Ok, ok, you want more details. As far as I know, the store will be open at Noon, and the crew will be filming for a couple of hours. If you want free cupcakes, get there early. If you can't make it early, we'll still have cupcakes for sale all day! There's going to be a variety of cupcakes available: sweet, savory, vegan and non-vegan. My famous vegan mango-lime cupcakes will be available, and ask anyone who attended the GREATEST WEDDING EVER, and they'll tell you that they are scandalously delicious. 
Don't miss out on this, people. It's going to be awesome. Tell a friend, or two, or three. We want to pack the place with a line around the corner full of hungry people excited for mind-meltingly good cupcakes. Let's make it happen!

Thursday, August 19 2010, Noon
Unique Eats filming at
265 S 44th St (near 44th and Spruce)
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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